Cuda 3.0 & sm_20: ptxas fatal : Value 'sm_20' is not defined for option 'gpu-name&

So I recently installed cuda 3.0 and want to compile a version of my program for a gtx470/480. I’m using Vista 64bit with VS2008 and using the Cuda build rules v3.0.14 to select both sm_13 and sm_20 in the GPU Architecture selections. However, I get the error in the topic when I try to compile it. I did a search to see if I had some old “ptxas.exe” files floating around that could be causing this but found none(only found the ones under C:\Cuda… ). If I remove sm_20 from the second selection it works fine.

And perhaps another related issue, I would also like to be able to compile a 32-bit version and it is my understanding that this can be done from the 64bit toolkit. However, if I try to compile a 32-bit version it complains that it can’t find cutil32.lib. And well…neither can I, doing a full search on my C: gives 0 hits for cutil32.lib. Yet the Cuda 3.0 installation seemed to go smoothly so I’m not sure why it’s missing.

What could be the problem here? :unsure: