cuda 3.0 with xinerama CUDA_ERROR_UNKNOWN


Two monitors on one 8800 GTX with Xinerama and kernel If I run driver 195.36.15 and the cuda 3.0 toolkit, there is a CUDA_UNKNOWN_ERROR at cuGLCtxCreate.

Without xinerama, it works. Verified on another computer using 8800 GT.

The beta cuda driver 195.17 with kernel 2.6.32 worked.

I had a similar problem once with two graphics cards, and it turned out to be one card was malfunctioning. But this seems to be another problem.
Does anyone have a working Xinerama cuda 3.0 interop program?

In the meantime, I reverted back to the following setup that works:
Driver 195.17
cuda toolkit

Something may have happened between cuda beta driver 195.17 and 195.36.15 that caused a regression with xinerama and cuda gl interop.

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Switched to Twinview and the latest cuda driver and it seems to be functioning. Probably not going to use xinerama anymore.