Cuda 3.1 Win7 64bit GTS 360M No suitable Driver?

I’ve just purchased an ASUS G51J laptop specifically for a CUDA class I’ll be taking next month. I tried to install the lastest (3.1 Version 257.21 ) Cuda driver and got: “The NVIDIA Setup program could not locate any drivers that are compatible with your current hardware”. After searching previous posts, I see that older versions of Cuda drivers were compatible With the GTS 360M. Am I missing something?



Also fails with the same message trying to use Cuda 3.0

I have a fix. For whatever reason, the driver 257.21 that you can download from the CUDA 3.1 Developer page will not install. However, If you go to the driver download page below, and get the latest one, that will install. The release notes on that page specifically state that it works with the Cuda 3.1 toolkit.…hql-driver.html

Why are they different? No idea. The driver from this link is about 20K larger but that might just be the install shield packaging. I’ve tested it with running several of the sample programs and all seems well so far.