CUDA 3.2 and VS2010 what's the current compability state?

I am using Visual Studio 2010, have CUDA 3.2 installed, Parallel Nsight as well.

I have compiled the example (matrix multiplication, simple streams - all from C:\ProgramData\NVIDIA Nsight 1.5\Samples\CUDA\ ). I am using Win 7 64bit.

I am a beginner, so pleas, dont get mad when I ask: how do I start a new CUDA project?

I ask, because it seems to me like the sdk is not really installed. When I read the code of the example (which compiles, builds and runs!), and want to view “cuda.h” - VS says that the file does not exist (and lists the system paths). I cant include cuda.h in my projects either.

So when i create my own project, Visual Studio has no idea what i am writing, and doesn’t build the app.

Please help ;-)