CUDA 4.0 Feature Overview

[font=“Calibri”]A presentation covering the key new features in [/font][font=“Calibri”]CUDA 4.0 is now available[/font][font=“Calibri”]


[font=“Verdana”][/font]If have downloaded CUDA 4.0 Toolkit RC1 or RC2, please let us know about your experience : [/font][font=“Verdana”]Start The CUDA 4.0 Survey[/font]

Did you miss the March 4th CUDA 4.0 Feature Overview Webinar ? Well you are in luck you can watch [/font][font=“Calibri”]the recording[/font][font=“Calibri”]

There will be another live webinar with Will Ramey on Tuesday, April 5[sup]th[/sup] at 10am PST. We will have staff online to answer your questions, join us to learn more about the new Unified Virtual Addressing, Peer-to-Peer communications, improved performance analysis and debugging tools, and other features that make it easier than ever to port your applications to the GPU. [/font][font=“Calibri”]Please register in advance[/font][font=“Calibri”] .

[/font][font=“Calibri”]Follow this link for more information about CUDA 4.0[/font]

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