Cuda 4.0 - iray & Cuda Device Fail

Hi all, we build some months ago a prototype iray station which uses 8 GPU dedicated to iray computing.

First pf all with CUDA 3.2 we had several problems as the 8th GPU once included in the computations all the system’s performance was really bad! Slow down…
With 7 GPUs everything was running fine! Two days ago I installed the new CUDA 4.0 RC1 and finally we saw all 8 GPUs working in high speed and aparently very solid.
I know that the iray version we use doesn’t include the special CUDA 4 commands but the system works pretty fine.

The only problem we have is that sometimes the CARD with ID 5 gives this error: CUDA DEVICE FAILS and all the computation at this point works really bad.
The solution is to restart Win7 which resets everything and launch the rendering processes again.

I know the system is very particular (8 GPUs) but I am just wondering if anybody here could imagine what’s wrong.

System configuration:

Intel i7 970 3.2 Ghz
24 GB ram
Motherboard Gigabyte UD9 - BIOS F4
4 x CUBIX boxes
8 x 480 GTX

Thanks in advance,

Dionisio -

Delta Tracing

A lot of things could happen. For example, with 8 working gpu you may have not proper power support, and one gpu makes error. There was a hread about it.