CUDA 4.2 + kubuntu 10.04 + NX ( = reboot


the most recent 4.2 release of the CUDA display/developer drivers for Linux (aka the recommended CUDA driver for 4.2 with ubuntu 10.04 LTS) wreak havok with kubuntu (same version) combined with the best software of all, NX/

Synopsis; Everything works fine when when sitting physically in front of said box (using a GTX 280). Logging in remotely (aka software Xorg via NX) works fine as well. Once I re-login physically after some sleep, X is broken, shells get displayed in black on black, and tons of similar symptoms likle that. Solved only by a reboot. Restarting X doesn’t help, surprisingly. I do close the X sessions properly inbetween. I suspect clashes with Xorg itself, since KDM already displays the “reboot button” black on black once I spend an evening using NX.

Similarly, a GNOME box based on ubuntu 10.04 LTS (with a Quadro Fermi-level board) now gives weird colour failures after running ParaView.

Please let me know if there are plans to fix such weird behaviour, since CUDA 4.2 is apparently a LTS version. Otherwise, I’ll simply roll back to 4,1 which worked fine for me without any third-party software interference.