Cuda 4.x compatibility

Are the following cards capable of running CUDA 4.x applications? Specifically IHS Kingdom 2015.
I know that they all support CUDA, but not sure about 4.x or if that even matters.

Quadro FX1700
Quadro 2000
Quadro 2000D
Quadro 4000


It should not matter. All CUDA capable GPUs can run properly written CUDA programs from a wide variety of CUDA toolkit versions. In my experience, anything from CUDA 3.2 forward should be fine. I actually think anything should be fine, but just don’t have much experience playing with early CUDA toolkits like 1.x or 2.x.

There are certainly differences between GPUs. It’s possible to write a CUDA program that does not run on certain GPUs, but this is not unique or specific to any CUDA toolkit version.

For CUDA driver-API applications, it should only be necessary to have a suitable (let’s say recent) GPU driver installed. For CUDA runtime-API applications, either the application needs to bundle and deliver the necessary libraries (e.g. CUDART), which must be of the correct version for whatever the app is expecting, or else the user’s machine must have the appropriate CUDA toolkit installed (so as to provide the libraries) for whatever CUDA version the app was written to.

Well written CUDA runtime apps intended for deployment will either statically link to the correct CUDART version, or will bundle/include the necessary shared library.

Very informative! Thanks for the information.