cuda_5.5.20_winvista_win7_win8_general_64.exe corrupted ?

NVIDIA installation pain continues.

This time the installer says: “Installation package corrupted” or something like that.

Now ofcourse I wonder:

Does my harddisk have bad sectors ?

Does my memory have bad bits ?

Or is the file corrupted on the server ?

In other words: am I the only one getting corrupted downloads ? Or you too ?

Downloaded it twice… both times, corrupted.

Now I go investigate my system… if it’s my system that’s corrupted or their server harddisk/file.

I did bump into my table yesterday so could be my system… I hope not ;)

Try this:
Extract the installer with any LZMA extractor
From command line, run setup.exe with logging:
setup.exe -log:“C:\path\that\exists” -loglevel:6
Follow through until it errors out, attach the log files.

WinRar extracted all files successfully.

Here is a screenshot of the extraction in process, there seems to be a suspicious file inside of the package called:


I am starting to wonder if my NVIDIA was hacked and if there is a virus inside of it.

Perhaps it’s better until you guys figure it out ;)

Also I don’t want to install any corrupted drivers… my system is already in a bad shape lol.

Well I am a bit curious to what the problem could be and what your command does so I will try it if that helps you out diagnose the problem. I already ran it so if there was a virus inside of it then my PC would be already infected. So here goes…

My fear about a virus might have been correct:

The log file contains something alarming:

51.399 | DEBUG: [NVI2.NVPackage] 448@CNVPackage::PopulateAllPackageConstraints : No override constraints found for package “Display.NVIRUSB”.
51.408 | DEBUG: [NVI2.NVExtension] 88@CNVExtension::InternalLoad : Loading Extension DLL “C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\Installer2\Display.NVIRUSB.{EA55F3D3-AED1-4695-B89B-48122329481E}\NVIRUSBExt.DLL”.
51.513 | DEBUG: [NVI2.NVExtension] 109@CNVExtension::InternalLoad : Loaded Extension DLL “C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\Installer2\Display.NVIRUSB.{EA55F3D3-AED1-4695-B89B-48122329481E}\NVIRUSBExt.DLL”.

I am letting it run for now… but this is not looking good.

I ran the setup program until it asked where I wanted to install and such, then I cancelled to prevent any further possible infection.

The log is large enough to convince me that something suspicious is going on.

I suspect a virus infection of the installation package.

Screenshot and log files can be found here:

Ok, seems like false alarm lol.

That had me scared/worried or a moment ;)

You guys sure know how to choose scary filenames lol.

I shall ran the installation again to see what else it does ;)

The first time it produced this file: LOG.RunDll32.EXE.log

Now that it’s running the full install this file is gone… perhaps it was deleted.

Anyway, here is another hypothesis/explaination why it might report corruption:

Perhaps the production release installation is conflicting with the release candidate 5.5 which is also still installed. It does show “installer2” not sure if that’s normal.

It’s installing right now… once it’s done I’ll upload the new full logs to a sub folder called: “full logs”.

So far it’s installing… so so far so good. Another hypothesis could be that it simply saw that suspicious file and then aborts installation… Perhaps somebody forgot to delete that file… or perhaps there is a slight problem with the installation.

The CPU is running at 1.0 ghz to prevent any overheat and shutdown during these hot summer days… so it’s gonna take a while ;)

Installation seems to have gone somewhat successfull except it has the same problems as the candidate release. It has issues with shortcuts, and probably visual studio installation links/shortcuts/plugins.

Perhaps I installed visual studio in a different folder but doesn’t seem like it. I do like installing cuda toolkit into a different folder as well… but for now I installed in default folder to try and prevent any problems.

So I think you guys need to figure out the short cut problems. I took some screenshots and uploaded it to my drive to illustrate the problems.

Full installation log and screenshots can be found here… it’s quite large: 12 MB… (I did do some back and forth switching between installation window and textpad editor this causes some more log output):

Good luck debugging the problem ! ;)

Later I will inspect what it did and if visual studio will load nsight… I suspect not ;)

Gonna watch a-team the movie now or so… or maybe not later ! ;) :)

Commercial during A-team movie ;) Tried starting Visual Studio 2012, and it can’t find a manifest file… it’s searching for it.

See problem5.png

It just found it… see problem6.png… I click fix it… hopefully that helps.

Visual Studio loading… me go back to movie… more on this later ;) :)

Maybe it works:

See Problem7MaybeItWorks.png

More updates during next movie commercial lol.

Another commercial another problem… at least with visual studio 2012…

It can’t find some assembly… problably caused by the shortcuts missing.

I know how to solve this problem… by re-installing nsight individually or so… but this is just to illustrate the problems with the installation package… which should have taken care of all of this.

See problem8.png.

Also trying visual studio 2010… it seems to have the same problem… see problem9.png

Clicking fix it probably don’t help. See problem10.png. Also see problem11.png.

I think all of these problems might be caused by some tool.

This log seems to contain errors relating to shortcuts: LOG.NVCPLSetupInt.exe.log

I am gonna skip screenshotting any other problems… cause it’s getting out of hand… I don’t want my webdrive to end up with all these screenshots… so by now it should be clear what the problem is.

Perhaps that tool is conflicting with my VHD images… one image is being used as temp storage… but not sure if that is the problem. I think C:\temp is being used and not the vhd image. Might have to check path variables ;) vhd image/virtual disks… might have write permission problems. It seems to claim “out of space” in some logs… that might be causing the tool to fail or it’s another problem with the tool. setup was run from ms-dos prompt without administrator priviliges… which could also be a problem… access was given as needed… perhaps the tool needs to ask for administrator permissions first.

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