- Extraction failed.


I am trying to setup the cuda toolkit on a debian wheezy machine.
(I previously installed nvidia-cuda-toolkit from the debian repository, and it works, but it is grossly outdated).
However, I just cannot extract anything out of the run file:

root@thebeast:~/install# ./ -verbose
Extraction failed.
Signal caught, cleaning up

I tried with -override, I tried with -tmpdir, I tried with -toolkit…always same result…
Oh…and the verbose flag doesn’t help much either…


I found out the reason: not enough space on /tmp

Now, need to extract on another folder.

The -tmpdir=/root/tmp/ option is not working, I tried.
solution to extract:

export TMPDIR=/root/tmp

./ -extract=/root/cuda

Try using sudo ./ -tmpdir /root/tmp. Note the lack of the “=” in “-tmpdir /root/tmp”.