Cuda 5.5 and minimum driver version(s)?

CUDA 5.5 ships with 319.37, and while the release nodes list all of my hardware, there is nothing in the ChangeLog whatsoever that indicates that anything in the driver changed to support CUDA 5.5. More to the point, when I visit the download pages for each of my GPUS (M2070, M2070-Q, and K20Xm) the latest supported driver is less than 319.37. Heck even the latest-long-lived-branch and latest-short-lived-branch release for linux are behind 319.37. Heck, I’ve even visited the FTP site and it’s not there either (but the drivers linked from all of those other pages are).

Is this a case of the download page(s) for these GPUs (and other drivers) just need to be updated or can/should we stay on the 319.17 (which is the latest non-beta common to all of my hardware). (Particuliarly given that the 319.37 Changelog doesn’t offer any indication of cuda 5.5 changes?)

Better still, what EXACTLY is the mimimum required driver version for CUDA 5.5? (while we’re at it… what about CUDA 5.0 too?)