CUDA 5 - OpenGL interop


Where can I find the CUDA-OpenGL interop packages for CUDA 5?
The presentation I am following makes references to
as well as function calls such as:
cuGLCtxCreate(), cuGLRegisterBufferObject(), etc.

I believe those includes simply come with the CUDA 5 SDK. It’d be worth having a look at a few of the GL samples in the SDK too, but they’re a bit old and some things have changed.

Correct me if I’m wrong but cuGLRegisterBufferObject is now replaced with cudaGraphicsGLRegisterBuffer, cudaGraphicsMapResources and cudaGraphicsResourceGetMappedPointer (with cudaGraphicsUnmapResources to pass control back to GL and cudaGraphicsUnregisterResource after you’re finished completely).

I’ve never used cuGLCtxCreate. GLUT, SDL, GLFW etc are all libs that will create a GL context and window for you. It’s also possible to do it manually, directly interfacing with platform specific window management.

Some more background into what you’re trying to do would allow a more targeted answer :)