CUDA 6.0: fatal error: 'omp.h' file not found

Hi guys,

I just installed CUDA 6.0 on OS X Mavericks and it seems fine, but while trying to compile all of the samples, the compiler gets stuck on cudaOpenMP and doesn’t continue. Is the omp.h file actually missing? I tried uninstalling and reinstalling but this didn’t help.
Is there some way to exclude cudaOpenMP from the compiler script so I don’t have to manually compile all the rest of the samples one-by-one?

The compiler on OS X Maverick does not support OpenMP.

You can filter out the two examples requiring OpenMP, adding these two lines to the Makefile in the sample directory:

FILTER-OUT += 0_Simple/cudaOpenMP/Makefile
FILTER-OUT += 0_Simple/UnifiedMemoryStreams/Makefile

or use “make -k”