CUDA 6.0 Samples

Did nVidia release any CUDA 6.0 code samples yet? I was just browsing though the CUDA 6.0 SDK code samples but didn’t notice any updated samples.

The only examples I see that are new in 6.0 are:

  • Conjugate Gradient UM
  • P2P Bandwidth Latency Test
  • Unified Memory Streams

Thanks, I will have a look. Hope nVidia will update the existing samples soon.

I’d also love to see NVidia release more of their old CUDA tech demos! Ideally as source code for study, but even just as a fun compiled demo they’d be inspiring.

I’m talking about demos that NV has already made and used to demo CUDA in presentations. I can remember a couple specifically: the Kepler Barnes/Hut galaxy simulation and the boat/wave/weather simulation Jen-hsun showed at the last GTC.