Cuda 6.5 on two GTX 690 (ubuntu 12.04)


I try install cuda on my computer, but it didn’t work. My system is ubuntu 12.04. First, I install the driver of the graphical card with the .run on the nvidia webside corresponding to the GTX690 (ver. 346.35), and install cuda the .run from nvidia website (without installing the graphical card driver).
with nvidia-setting, I can detect my two graphical cards (4 because GTX 690 have two), but when i run a cuda program, it says : "cudaErrorNoDevice.

After that, I uninstall my current graphical card driver, and cuda. ANd I reinstall cuda with the graphical card driver proposed with the .run. But it is like, they don’t install the driver, because nothing is detect with nvidia-settings and i have still the error cudaNoErrorDevice.

I also try to install cuda with the package, but it fails too.

So how can I install cuda on my machine ?