CUDA 6.5 Production Release Now Available

The CUDA® 6.5 Production Release is now available to the public. Run your application faster with this latest version of the CUDA Toolkit. It features 64-bit ARM support and the simplified programming model enabled by Unified Memory. Highlights include:
• Support for 64-bit ARM-based systems.
• Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 compatibility.
• Expanded support for Block Sparse Row (BSR) matrix format in cuSPARSE routines.
• cuFFT callbacks for higher performance custom processing on input or output data.
• Improved debugging for CUDA FORTRAN applications.
• New profiler Application Replay mode reduces the time required to collect multiple metrics when profiling a complex application.
• Updated CUDA Occupancy Calculator API provides optimal kernel launch configurations.
• New nvprune utility optimizes the size of object files by removing code not needed for target GPU architectures.
Download the CUDA 6.5 Production Release at
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