CUDA 6 + Nsight + 750 Ti = reboot of PC

Every time I try to run a Performance Analysis with NSight my PC reboots. Not even a BSOD.

I’m on NSight Win7/x64. 337.50 driver.

The 750 Ti is headless.

The only recent change I made was to remove a TESLA K20c and replace it with a 750 Ti. There are several other GeForce cards in the system as well.

Any thoughts?

Edit 1: it also locks and reboots with the standalone Visual Profiler app when targeting the 750 Ti.

Edit 2: Visual Profiler does not lock/reboot when targeting the GTX 680.

I assume this is a driver issue.


Thanks for the report. Can you tell me, do you see the same reproducible when you do just a CUDA API trace?
Will try it on our end and let you know.

I’m wary to try it because each time it happens I suffer through an all day RAID-1 scrub. :|

Understood, good point. Let me try it.

I am able to reproduce and tracking this down a bit. Newer (internal) builds are better, but I see some issues.
If possible, I’d recommend sticking with the 335.23 driver for now. Were you needing the 337.50 for something specific?
Thanks and sorry about that…

Thanks for reproducing! That’s a relief. I can easily revert to 335.23.

I see that 337.61 is also out.