help with options

feeling silly here, trying to pass the --tmpdir= flag to the linux run script and its failing:

[root@gpu002 src]# sh --tmpdir=/scratch
Unknown option: tmpdir
You have mail in /var/spool/mail/root
[root@gpu002 src]# sh -tmpdir=/scratch
Unknown option: tmpdir

feel like i’m missing something silly here but cannot see it. what am i missing?

definitely something weird there. I tried copy/paste your exact command, and I got the following:

sh --tmpdir=/scratch Extraction failed. Ensure there is enough space in /tmp and that the installation package is not corrupt Signal caught, cleaning up

(this makes sense for me since I have no /scratch directory)

what linux version are you using?

try making the script executable (chmod +x cuda_7.0…) and then run it like so, to see if there is any difference in behavior:

./ --tmpdir=/scratch

also try:

sh --tmpdir /scratch

lol, yup sh --tmpdir /scratch did indeed work, thanks for helping!

— michael