CUDA 7.0 with GForce GTX 980

I have a GForce GTX 980, it is CUDA supported card. I installed CUDA 7.0 on windows 7 64-bit and there was no issues during installation. But verify the installation when run nvidia-smi it gives this error: Failed to initialize NVML: Unknown Error.
I tried different things:

  1. installed driver separately
  2. Installed everything from CUDA exe file

So far i had no success. I would appreciate if someone can post solution/ what is the issue behind this behavior.

Kind Regards
Posted 35 minutes ago

Try installing the latest driver for your GTX 980 from

Then try running nvidia-smi which should be installed with that driver.

Then install CUDA 7 but deselect the option to install the driver when you install CUDA 7.

I did try every thing. But it still throws the same error. Also tried to install the old version of the driver but no success at all.

Failed to initailize NVML: Unknown Error

I think i should try to install python nvml bindings and see if it works there.


I don’t happen to have a GTX 980 handy. But I loaded driver 353.30 on a GTX 970, (without loading CUDA or anything else) and I had no trouble running nvidia-smi.exe, other than locating it on the C drive.

In other respects, does the GPU appear to be installed correctly? For example, do you see the GPU properly listed under display adapters without any problems in device manager? Does the NVIDIA control panel for the GPU open correctly?

Have you connected both power connectors to the aux power inputs on your GTX 980?

Perhaps you are running an incorrect nvidia-smi.exe if you have done multiple installs.

Try installing the driver only, and select clean install. Then try running nvidia-smi. You will need to locate where it is on the C drive, probably.