Cuda 7.5 and Visual Studio 2013 integration

Hello CUDA dev team,

  1. I’ve just received my new machine for CUDA development with NVS 310 and GTX 980 Ti as graphical cards. After about a week of careful system installations, CUDA 7.5 installation was the last.

  2. I’ve also installed Visual Studio 2013 with [b]Visual Assist/b and [b]Incredibuild/b addons.

  3. This addons are integrated as extra menus in Visual Studio 2013 as well as CUDA Visual Studio intergations.

  4. Right after CUDA 7.5 installation the Incredibuild addon stops working. Followed by completely broken Visual Studio 2013.
    Visual Studio no longer starts! Uninstalling the CUDA Visual Studio integration does not help.

  5. It seems for me that your addon menu gets in conflict with already installed addons for Visual Studio 2013.

  6. I also don’t see the Windows 7 system restore point just before CUDA gets installed. Could you please add this to you lovely installer.

  7. Could you also check that your integration does not get into conflicts with commonly used addons for C++ development such as Visual Assist and Incredibuild.

Thanks, Denis