cuda 7.5 builtin include directories


i have managed to crash my system and needed to reinstall cuda 7.5

i fail to build my old projects or the sample projects

what bothers me is that the paths/ symbols include directories are empty and lack the standard includes (e.g.: /usr/include/C++/4.6/; /usr/include/x86_64-linux-gnu)

Project Settings > C/C++ General > Paths and Symbols > Includes >

how can i fix this?
i can manually add them, but have no idea which ones to add

fedora 21

txbob, any help?

So I guess you’re referring to nsight eclipse edition?


i installed gcc through yum (yumex); seems i have missed c++ support for gcc

prior to installing cuda gcc --version gave a fair output

i have now manually added the standard include paths

if you are running fedora 21, would you mind pasting your standard include directories here?

you have to install g++ separately from gcc

yum install gcc-c++

I don’t have a Fedora 21 system. I do have a Fedora 20 system set up with CUDA 7.5. I created a new CUDA 7.5 runtime project.

My include directories are:


Don’t know if that helps. Maybe you can infer the Fedora 21 directories from that, if you know the gcc/g++ version installed (I have 4.8.3 obviously)

many thanks