CUDA 7.5 doesn't create CUDA_INC/LIB_PATH environment variables?

I just reinstalled CUDA 7.5 on my Windows 10 64x machine; Nvidia Geforce 960, some gigabyte motherboard, and when I check the environment variables, while CUDA_PATH and CUDA_PATH_V7_5 are there, almost every online tutorial calls for CUDA_INC_PATH and CUDA_LIB_PATH, presumably these are supposed to be created when we install the CUDA Nvidia toolkit?

Is this a possible bug with the toolkit or are developers and students supposed to create the variable themselves? What’s intended?

yes, Toolkit v7.5 creates only 2 of env-var: CUDA_PATH and CUDA_PATH_V7_5

in Visual Studio, (CudaToolkitIncludeDir) and (CudaToolkitLibDir) macros are set/used
automatically by buld-configration.