CUDA 7.5 with Titan X Pascal - kind of works, but there are issues

Ubuntu 14.04, Titan X Pascal, CUDA 7.5.18, cuDNN 4, the nvidia-367.44 driver (installed after CUDA)

I’ve installed the TensorFlow 0.10 binary and it sort of works. If I give it simple jobs it seems to perform well enough - like this one:

But then I’ve tried some more complex visualization code:

It generates only the first image correctly, and everything after that is just a black frame.

Same code works fine on CPU-only TensorFlow. The issues only manifest when the GPU is being used.

Are there any subtle issues with CUDA 7.5 on Pascal chips?

Yes, there are various issues with CUDA 7.5 on Pascal. It’s recommended to use CUDA 8RC.