Cuda 7 toolkit on Geforce 210

I have Asus Geforce 210 graphics card on the system. It has 16 CUDA cores as per specifications. But when I try to install CUDA 7 toolkit on my system, it shows I do not have supported hardware. Please let me know if CUDA toolkit can be supported on system with ASUS Geforce 210 graphics card. If yes, let me know if I need to enable some setting to install CUDA 7 toolkit or if I need to download some older version of CUDA.

No it’s not supported. The last toolkit that supported GeForce 210 was CUDA 6.5. The release notes for CUDA 6.5 and CUDA 7 contain notifications to this effect.

Thank you txbox. I’ll get the CUDA 6.5 for my system.

Hi there!

I have a NVidia GeForce 210 Video Card and i need to use CUDA for an academic project. I read this topic but i visited this link and i saw that CUDA Toolkit 6.5 is only compatible with Ubuntu 12.04 and 14.04. However i use Ubuntu 16.04.

Anyone help me?

Thank you!

You could make a virtual machine with Ubuntu 14.04, compile with CUDA 6.5 in the VM, then use the executable in your native 16.06 (with appropriate drivers that still support the 210). It’d be a hassle and I don’t recommend it, but it’d work.

The GeForce 210 is over 7 years old, and is almost the lowest end card that could even run CUDA that was ever made. Its performance will be absolutely terrible. You still might use it as a learning experience, but do not expect to accelerate anything.