CUDA 8.0 on Ubuntu 16.04 installation error

I’ve downloaded from your official download page, and tried to run it, but it says the file is corrupt.

I’ve downloaded the same file from the same url twice, but either does not work. I’ve also checked if there is enough space in my file system.

Please check, and let me know if file has any problems.

$ sudo sh

gzip: stdin: invalid compressed data–format violated
Extraction failed.
Ensure there is enough space in /tmp and that the installation package is not corrupt
Signal caught, cleaning up

It’s being worked on. See this thread:

Thanks for replying.
I’ve seen that thread, but my Ubuntu is 16.04, and that’s why I generated another thread.

I hope it would be fixed asap.

If you read to the bottom of that thread, you’ll see a report there on 16.04 as well.