Cuda 8, CuDNN, GeForce Drivers and Secure UEFI Boot - Ubuntu 16.04

Are there any consolidated docs on how to get this to work? I’ve been at it for days. My goal is to use Tensor Flow GPU enabled with 2 TitanX Pascal GPUs.

Thanks for any assistance!

The issue surfaces by not allowing the drivers to load, and can cause the infinite login loop. Resetting the drivers back to the intel ones allows you back into your box, however the drivers are not loaded and Cuda is rendered useless, not to mention your screen is using the bad drivers…

I did find this, but was unsure of the consequences…

I’m going to give a shot at booting ubuntu into standard bios mode and see how that goes before fiddling with the mother board’s boot settings.

For general installation instructions, follow the installation guide. The login-loop problem is discussed elsewhere on this forum if you care to look, and instructions are provided to work around it.

Here’s an example discussion relating to the login loop: