CUDA 8 installation does not recognize Visual Studio Community Edition 2017

I’m on Win 7 and I have a GT540m graphics card on a laptop. I also have an Ubuntu machine with a 750Ti card, but that is secondary.
I just upgraded to VS Community Edition 2017 this morning. Then I downloaded the latest CUDA development kit and ran the default installation. It came to a stage where I got a message that looks like this:

CUDA Visual Studio Integration

No supported version of Visual Studio was found.
Some components of the CUDA toolkit will not work properly. Please install Visual Studio to get the full functionality.

Is there anything I can do?

CUDA 8 doesn’t support VS 2017. That is indicated in the windows install guide for CUDA 8.

CUDA 9 doesn’t support fermi devices (your GT540m is a fermi device).

The only supported option is to use VS 2015. It may be possible to use the VS 2015 toolchain within VS 2017, but I’m not sure the CUDA 8 installer will recognize that scenario easily. I believe it is still possible to download VS 2015 community edition if you work at it.

Thankyou for pointing out the options.