CUDA[9.0] Installation with GTX 1050 notebook

I’m trying to install CUDA 9.0 on my laptop Surface book 2 13’ with GTX 1050 notebook.

However, the setup program test my environment that whether it is compatible and fail to install it. The error message start with “cannot find to compatible graphics…”

My graphics driver version is 397.64 and i tried with GTX 1050 driver not the notebook. But i failed to install with both driver.

In this forum, i got the answer that CUDA can be installed though there is no GTX 1050 notebook in support list on web site.

Does anyone help me with this issue.

Keep your 397.64 driver. Deselect the installer option to install the driver. Proceed with the installation. Your 397.64 driver will work with CUDA 9.0

I know it. But it cannot detect compatible graphics driver. Is there any way i force to detect my GPU and driver when install the CUDA toolkit?

I think it is problem with my laptop 2-in-1. It had both external GPU and internal GPU also. So the setup program may only detect the internal GPU i think.

Same problem here. Exact same setup, both hardware and drivers.

I have the same issue on the same hardware (Surface book 2 13’ with GTX 1050). Did it work for anyone?
If so please post configuration (driver ver, cuda ver, install options).
On 398.11 I keep getting the following error message during compatibility check:
And CUDA does not in install express or custom modes with or without driver selected…

As long as you have a recent driver as mentioned earlier by txbob, you can ignore that warning. The CUDA installer is older and does not detect newer hardware as compatible. /thread

If all of you are having installation FAILED issues, that is a completely different issue. Links to how to overcome that are in this post with relevant threads:

Hi, I was able to install it in my Surface Book 2 (Cuda 9 though). I didn’t update the driver as the installer suggested. I end up using the driver which the surface had by default:

Driver Version
Digital signer: Microsoft Windows Hardware Compatibility Publisher

Also: In the Nvidia control panel I forced the computer to use the Nvidia card (it was autodetect or something before). Not sure if that is needed, I haven’t tried setting it back to autodetect.

Update: I changed the “Preferred graphics processor” setting to auto-detect and still works.

Bro i have i7 7700HQ
Gtx 1050ti (8gb)ram

Please tell me all the steps to install Cuda on windows 10… I ve installed it many times but i m unable to install it in gpu…please help!!!