cuda 9.1 licence - not allow free non-commerical dev ?

I’d like to use cuda 9.1 on my home pc to “play with” tensorflow+gpu - which could be described as non-commerical development ?

Reading the license both agreeing I can’t see that this is allowed, except possibly for a limited time ?

So section 1.1.1 applies and sections 1.1.2, (3) - which means the license only lasts 1 year ?


1.1.1. License Grant

Subject to the terms of the AGREEMENT, NVIDIA hereby grants
you a non-exclusive, non-transferable license, without the
right to sublicense (except as expressly set forth in a
Supplement), during the applicable license term unless earlier
terminated as provided below, to have Authorized Users install
and use the Software, including modifications (if expressly
permitted in a Supplement), in accordance with the
Documentation. You are only licensed to activate and use
Licensed Software for which you a have a valid license, even
if during the download or installation you are presented with
other product options. No Orders are binding on NVIDIA until
accepted by NVIDIA. Your Orders are subject to the AGREEMENT.

SLA Supplements

Certain Licensed Software licensed under this SLA may be
subject to additional terms and conditions that will be
presented to you in a Supplement for acceptance prior to the
delivery of such Licensed Software under this SLA and the
applicable Supplement. Licensed Software will only be
delivered to you upon your acceptance of all applicable terms.

1.1.2. Limited Purposes Licenses

If your license is provided for one of the purposes indicated
below, then notwithstanding contrary terms in Section 1.1 or
in a Supplement, such licenses are for internal use and do not
include any right or license to sub-license and distribute the
Licensed Software or its output in any way in any public
release, however limited, and/or in any manner that provides
third parties with use of or access to the Licensed Software
or its functionality or output, including (but not limited to)
external alpha or beta testing or development phases. Further:

Evaluation License: You may use evaluation licenses solely
for your internal evaluation of the Licensed Software for
broader adoption within your Enterprise or in connection
with a NVIDIA product purchase decision, and such licenses
have an expiration date as indicated by NVIDIA in its sole
discretion (or ninety days from the date of download if no
other duration is indicated).
Educational/Academic License: You may use
educational/academic licenses solely for educational
purposes and all users must be enrolled or employed by an
academic institution. If you do not meet NVIDIA’s
academic program requirements for educational
institutions, you have no rights under this license.
Test/Development License. You may use test/development
licenses solely for your internal development, testing
and/or debugging of your software applications or for
interoperability testing with the Licensed Software, and
such licenses have an expiration date as indicated by
NVIDIA in its sole discretion (or one year from the date
of download if no other duration is indicated). NVIDIA
Confidential Information under the AGREEMENT includes
output from Licensed Software developer tools identified
as “Pro” versions, where the output reveals
functionality or performance data pertinent to NVIDIA
hardware or software products.