CUDA 9 RC now available for registered developers

“CUDA 9 is the fastest software platform for GPU-accelerated applications. It has been built for Volta GPUs and provides faster GPU-accelerated libraries, improvements to the programming model, compiler and developer tools. With CUDA 9 you can speed up your applications while making them more scalable and robust.”

“Download the CUDA 9 Release Candidate (RC) today to try the latest release.”

Can you provide any more info on the cuFFT improvements please? I use cuFFT with 32-bit complex data, typically 64k or larger input data.

Can you/anyone explain/substantiate the claim “PERFORM 2X FASTER OUT OF THE BOX WITH PASCAL GPUS” on the linked page? What does this even mean?

Please document which version[s] of Visual Studio will work with Cuda 9.

It’s covered in the windows install guide for CUDA 9. Note that VS2017 support is beta/spotty. It may depend on which exact version of VS2017 you have.

The Visual Studio 2017 community edition has a bug in it’s installation program.

If the “CORE.NET” components are selected it will screw up the installation.

Also trying to remove the installion seemed to fail.

Re-installing was also not possible and failed.

Could be that I did something wrong though during uninstall not sure about that.

Like to warn others though… don’t install “CORE.NET” or your installation might fail too.

For now it seemed impossible to remove “installed files”.

I hope Microsoft fixes their installer so that it not longer displays “impossible to download files” or something… or writes a proper “uninstall tool” which will simply remove all visual studio files.

However there are further problems.

Visual Studio must be installed to C:\ drive… so if it’s an SSD with limited space it can be a problem.

Also it will install system files in windows sytem folders and such… so it’s kinda interferring with the windows system files.

Plus it might even start windows update.

What’s even more funny:

If visual studio is installing AND at the same time Windows Update is installing updates… this will go completely wrong and both will fail and not work anymore afterwards.

So make sure Windows is fully up-to-date… or disable windows updates before trying to install visual studio !

Even better:

Install windows and visual studio first in vmware/emulator and see the horror for yourself ! =D

Skybuck =D

Hey, never knew you were a mod, txbob! That’s pretty neat! Guess I have to be on my best behavior now :P

Sorry to hear you’re having issues, Skybuck. Somehow, CUDA with VS 2017 is working fine on my system, just so long as I run:

vcvarsall x86_amd64

in a Developer Command Prompt.

Hi All,

How big is the file cufft_90.dll (or whatever the name is)?

On 8.0 it’s 142 MB, I’m hoping with 9.0 it’s now small.


Answering my own question, it’s 128MB.

Answering my own question, it’s 128MB.