CUDA 9 with Fermi GPUs(GeForce GT 540m ) using Visual Studio 2017

I am doing development in my notebook which is integrated with nvidia Geforce GT 540m dedicated GPU.
I currently working with Visual Studio 2017(Pro) with latest updates.
I install CUDA 9 stable release version and start to work with Visual Studio CUDA 9.0 Runtime Sample.
It’s compiled(Debug mode),but during run it catch some error like this(snapshot of code point and runtime caught error):
(Please look above images)
Can we compile CUDA C/C++ code with CUDA 9 and run on Fermi-GPUs?
If I have to switch to CUDA 8 platform How Can we integrate CUDA 8 with VS 2017 and [b]Intel Compiler 17.0/b ?

CUDA 9 is not compatible with Fermi GPUs.
CUDA 8 is not compatible with VS 2017.

Use CUDA 8 with VS 2015.