CUDA Accelerated ASTC texture compressor released (Alpha 1)

Dear developers,

We are pleased to release

NVIDIA CUDA Accelerated ASTC Texture Compressor

Texture compression is an important technique for mobile graphics.
If you want to use ASTC in your game and you are having an large number of textures to compress, maybe this is the right tool for you. :)

For more information see:

If you have any questions or bug report, you can reply here.


Hi Fei

We would love to be able to use your ASTC texture compressor on Linux… Any chance of this happening soon?

Thanks very much


Hi Chris,

We have plans to make linux builds and to merge it with some earlier tool-set.
And I guess there should be an open-source release finally.

However, don’t expect it to be soon…

I’ll tell you when there’s progress.


Hi Fei,

Any update on linux version of the tool ? The tool could be useful to reduce the encode time.



Having this in a stable version would be amazing.
We, too, would actually need this on Linux as our encoding mostly runs on Linux.
Bonus points for a NVPVRTC and NVETC2 ;)

Hey! I’m about to get the nvidia cuda astc encoder setup on an EC2 production pipeline and I was just curious if there are any undocumented flags to get things encoding as fast as possible. I noticed in the debug output that it seems to try a few different methods before actually encoding. Is it possible to skip these steps?