CUDA and 9600GT


Can someone pls help me how to get CUDA work with current NV 9600GT card?

As I can see this is CUDA compatible card but there is no CUDA compatible driver for it… :(

I need this to be functional now or very soon because of my work on master thesis…

are the any beta drivers or so?

thank you for everything


Sorry to say this, but don’t buy newest generation hardware to use in your situation.

Try to get the card exchanged for an 8800 GT or GTS. Some gamer nerd you know will certainly be excited about the 9600 card.

this is really bad :(

I assume CUDA 2.0 will definitely support these cards, but the only statement NVIDIA has made is that CUDA 2.0 will be out in beta sometime in the next few weeks.


But this is quite crucial for me if new version will emerge in 3-4 weeks or 10-15…

I hope it will be sooner than later but who really knows? :(

Or if it (2.0beta) for sure will be working with 9600gt…

sorry but I don’t understand the problem here. What’s wrong with the 9600GT driver? Looks like it installs the nvcuda.dll.
Can you please describe the problem when you try to use CUDA?


I’ve just installed and compiled sdk examples with my current 9600gt driver…

and that supprised me definitely :w00t: … all worked (debug and release builds) perfectly! :thumbup:


but according to release notes v1.1 doesnt support 9600gt card but as i now see that doesn matter because it seams everything is working as should :whistling:


thanks everybody for help :)

Sorry if I scared you! - I thought you had tested the card and not gotten it to work.