Cuda and CImg.h library

Hi There

im nw to C++ and Cuda so this might actually be a newbie question

i downloaded the CImg.h file, a library to process images

i tried it ouzt , seperatly frtom my cuda project in VS 2008 express, and it worked
to tell VS where to find the CImg.h file i just had to add its path under projectz properties, C/c++ > general Configuration > aditional include directory

jow im trying to do the whole thing starting from a cuda(cu) File, i added the path like before, but this time it gives me an erroe message:

fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: ‘CImg.h’: No such file or directory

i dont understand this, do i maybe have to tell the nvcc compiler in its command line wher eto find the include directory for all other wanted libraries?

All the best