cuda and driver versions

Probably it’s a silly question:

Can I use an older version of CUDA (eg 1.1) with the latest driver(eg. 180.48)? And, after I install the driver, do I have to reinstall CUDA?


And an aditional question:

With CUDA 2.1, latest drivers, and profiler 1.1, the memcopy from gpu to cpu is not shown by the profiler if destination memory is pinned. (otherwise, it appears)
Is this a known behaviour?

Also, I transfer two images (same size) to gpu. With cuda 1.1, 8800gtx I was observing 2x430 us. With cuda 2.1 and 260 gtx (same mainboard, PCIE 1.1) I see 430+1370 us.

Do you see any reason for this?