CUDA and GeNN Simulator

Good evening everyone,
I’m trying to use the GeNN simulator (
) for neural networks, which requires CUDA Toolkit. I’ve created my own model to simulate a typical Morris-Lecar neuron but when I insert the following command:

buildmodel.bat MLModel

for building the model (named MLModel) using the .bat file buildmodel provided by the simulator, the command prompt gives an error:

Error: unsupported CUDA device major version: 5

I use a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti and the version of CUDA Toolkit I’ve installed in my computer is 7.

Thanks to anyone will help me to solve this problem.

It seems to be a known issue in that project:

You can likely fix it yourself by incorporating the file changes submitted in the pull request by lebedov.

In fact it appears to be already fixed:

Are you using an old version? Have you gotten the latest master?

CUDA version 7.0 is certainly sufficient when using a GTX 750 Ti. That quoted error message originates within the GeNN software, and indicates a deficiency in the GeNN software itself.

However, there is good news because according to the notes in the GitHub repository you pointed to, support for GPUs with compute capability of 5.x was added 26 days ago. It seems you are using an older version of GeNN and need to update.