cuda and multiuser access

i have such problem: I need to use CUDA remotely. it was decided to use telnet/ssh.
when i connect on telnet and run executable cuda-file I had such error:
no CUDA-capable device is available.
is anybody have such problem?
Also i need multiuser access. may you tell me can telnet give it?
and are there any other solutions of problem of multiuser access?

There are 2*GTX 275, Windows 7 32bit and CUDA 2.3

Could you please tell me how exactly you used telnet/ssh to access CUDA remotely? I am also interested in running CUDA remotely from my laptop. Do I need to install any PC sharing tool ?

Common wisdom on the forums is to use VNC on windows.

On linux ssh will work fine, and is often installed by default.

But as i know VNC gives a single user access.

i have some problems with using telnet. so i can advise you to use VNC or such program as RAdmin.