cuda and opencl

hi… :rolleyes:

Im doin a project in matrixmultiplication…the thing is im not gettin wher u get the standard functions… and how to apply them …

Im new to cuda as wel as opencl…can anyone tel me how to get started wit it?


Since there are tons of resources out there, it’s most likely not the question HOW to start, but WHERE to start. You should first try to get an overview over the basic concepts, that is, have a look at the Cuda Programming Guide (available on ). The next steps depend on your … commitment, and on the amount of time you’re willing to inverst. You could either read, for example, the Dr. Dobbs Tutorials (15 parts, starting at ) or have a look at the NVIDIA samples (…te/samples.html ), starting with the simple ones (e.g. Vector Addition) and continuing with the ones that might bring you closer to your target - there is also a matrix multiplication sample ;)