CUDA and Perl A noob question...

HI all :wave:

This is a noob question… so don’t be mad. :">

I recently saw that ActiveState provides the source code for its ActivePerl.
(I’m using the ActiveState ActivePerl 5.8.8 on Windows to run my perl scripts).

So I’d like to know if it would be possible to compile this source code with CUDA in order to use the GeForce 8 series processing power to accelerate the my perl scripts. :whistling:

CUDA may seem like magic, but it’s definitely not.

Just recompiling source code with --cuda switch is not enough to get 50x speedup =)

Source code must be (re)written to be compatible with CUDA.

So, the answer is no, recompilation won’t help.

Even the simpler case of automatically compiling code to use the SSE vector registers on the CPU is non-trivial. GCC is just now getting the capability to auto-vectorize code. (Other compilers have had this capability in the past, but GCC getting it will be a big deal.) Auto-CUDAifying code will be impossible for a while.