CUDA and snow leopard

Hi I have a macbook pro unibody 15".

Since I update my machine to snow leopard, no supported device is found by CUDA.

I reinstall (twice) the drivers 2.3.0 twice as well as the SDK but still nothing.
I followed this instructions: [post=“0”]Instructions for making CUDA 2.3 work on Snow Leopard, How to fix permissions and nvcc linker errors[/post]

Still nothing!

Is it a snow leopard issue?

You need to install the driver 2.3.1 on Snow Leopard - not 2.3.0


I should have read everything.

Thanks a lot

does not work with 2.3.1 !

Prove that :)

Try 3.0.1_beta:

On Snow Leopard the 3.0.1_beta installed with the default gcc 4.2.1 and no -m32 flags. To get make to work in /Developer/GPU Computing/C, I did

sudo chmod 755 /usr/local/cuda/lib

I tested some (not all) of the examples and they passed.


I have tried 3.0.1_beta driver, Toolkit and SDK on my 10.6.2 Snow Leopard.
SDK compiles successful without any changes of and links to gcc-4.0 $ g+±4.0

Xcode 3.2.1 must be installed.

But now deviceQuery returns that I have no supporting CUDA devices.

And deviceQueryDrv returns “Cuda driver error 3 in file ‘deviceQueryDrv.cpp’ in line 42.”

EDIT: Now it all works. I needed only launch in 32 bit mode and reinstall toolkit, driver and recompile SDK.