cuda api for FIR filtering

Can someone direct me to cuda apii for signal processing like FIR Filtering, up/down conversion, interpolation/decimation.

Thanks in advance

Thanks , Is there any elaborate documentation on NPP. I thoroughly searched the web. If there is none please make an effort to make a good documentation on that

There isn’t any elaborate documentation on NPP.

If you’d like to see documentation I suggest filing a bug request using the link provided in a sticky post at the top of the CUDA programming forum.

In the meantime, many NPP functions are quite similar to their Intel IPP counterparts, so with the proper choice of googling terms you may be able to locate IPP documentation that is also helpful.

Regarding FIR filtering, I don’t think NPP has direct support for it, but the link to cuSignal that was given to you in the linked forum post might be a good starting point (it does not use NPP, AFAIK).

cuSignal has an upfirdn implementation, with more function on the way. Everything is currently written in Python with accelerated functions in Numba. CUDA implementations are also on the roadmap. If you have any requests I know the maintainer would be happy to hear about them