CUDA application does not run (CUDA_ERROR_INVALID_DEVICE)


I’m trying to run a closed-source CUDA application on my GTX 260 under Windows Vista 64-bit. The application is linked against CUDA 3.1, and I have the corresponding CUDA toolkit installed, as well as the GPU Computing SDK. The sample CUDA applications from the SDK run fine, however the named application does not. It’s a command line application and it returns “error: invalid device.” on the console, which I assume to map to CUDA_ERROR_INVALID_DEVICE. I was told that the same binary works fine on the developers machine using a Quadro FX 4500. Now, in what way could my GTX 260 be invalid, then?

By looking at the executable using a hex editor, I found something that looks like the PTX source code, which contains “ISA:sm_10, Endian:little, Pointer Size:64”, if that helps.

Thanks for any insights.