CUDA Apps?

Hello very smart programmers and whatnots. I am not a programmer, but a film and video production pro with a GTX280 wondering if there are any CUDA apps out there that could help me in any of the tasks I perform all the time. Specifically, I do a lot of video encoding, and 3d rendering within 3dsmax 2009. I had heard there is a video encoding app out there that is written for CUDA, but it’s very difficult to find anything out there. I’m running Vista Ultimate 64-bit. Is there a list somewhere that can show me what kind of apps are available or being developed?


This is probably the CUDA-accelerated video encoder you’ve heard about, “badaboom!”:

Haven’t tried it, but it looks good.

Re. effects processing - I haven’t heard anything concrete, but NVIDIA recently released a Photoshop<>CUDA programming bridge. I think there will be some Photoshop plugins soon, if they’re not here already, and some video stuff shortly, too.

Thanks for the info…BadaBoom is exactly the type of encoder I was looking for. If Adobe releases CUDA Photoshop filters I would have to imagine After Effects filters would not be far behind.

Also, if anyone ever needs a beta tester for their video/film visual fx-related apps let me know.