CUDA_ARCH in Jetson Nano...

Hi, all:

I’ve been trying to build OpenCV 4.1.0 from source on Jetson Nano. I know that Jetson Nano is of CUDA_ARCH version 5.3. However, whenever I tried to config OpenCV 4.1.0, it automatically reset the CUDA_ARCH to 5.0 5.2 .

And I noticed that it seems cuda version on Jetson Nano is NOT 10.1, but 10.0 instead. In fact, according to my experience, Cuda 10.1 is much stabler than previous version. I wonder if there is a Cuda 10.1 + cudnn 7.6.1 for Jetson Nano ?


It should be manually set to 5.3, i believe. Per Aasta’s script, it’s


Thanks for reminding me to update my own script with that fix. It correctly detects on newer versions of OpenCV, iirc, but I never tested it with older versions and apparently the detection is broken so manually specifying it is necessary.