cuda beta 2.0 question need to rebuild applications?

When I installed cuda 2.0 beta my applications begins to crash at startup.
Do I need to rebuild my application after cuda 2.0 installation or they must work as well as with previos cuda version? Or just wait for release version?

Thanks for reply

I have the same question with u, i have a 8800gts 320M card, maybe the 174.55 driver’s compatible problem? for the crash waring is " no device …" looking for the solution~
OS is Vista x64 ultimate

You need to rebuild the application.

Do you have noticed a speed-up with the new release?

“cutil error: no device supporting cuda”
same error after the application rebuilded
should i install the 8800gts 169.25 driver first and then install 174.55 driver?

:o I reinstalled the 174.55 driver and solved the “no device” problem~~ Maybe that’s vista device driver manager’s problem, I don’t know why:(

I test the convolutionFFT2D sample in SDK and feel 2.0 under vista get up to 50% fast than 1.1 under XP. It’s amazing and I cannot believe it, I’ll test the performance further…
My platform: E2140 CPU + 8800GTS 320M + Vista x64 ultimate.

If I don’t use runtime API (only driver API) do I have to rebuild my application? It seems that everything works okay without recompilation, is this normal or am I doing something wrong? ;-)