CUDA broke, reinstalled with "cuda error system driver mismatch" now

Hi to the CUDA community,

I am running Ubuntu 18.04, with a GTX1060 graphics card. The driver is 440.46 and CUDA version is 10.2.

I did have CUDA 10.2 working about 4 months ago and something “broke” between then and now.

I looked at some documentation and decided that it would be best if I reinstalled the NVIDIA driver and then did a reinstall of CUDA.

Yes, I did uninstall the NVIDIA driver and reinstalled it from the command line with the X server turned off. That was successful. Before the install I did:

sudo rm nvidia* and everything, including cuda went away.

Also, the nouveau driver was blacklisted.compatability

Testing one of the CUDA samples “clock” I received the following error:

The error 803 documentation reads:

cudaErrorSystemDriverMismatch = 803
This error indicates that there is a mismatch between the versions of the display driver and the CUDA driver. Refer to the compatibility documentation for supported versions.