CUDA Build Rule and MSVC2008 vsprops

I’m using the CUDA .rules file which comes with the SDK for the .cu files in my VC2008 project.
To save on property duplication I’d like to define the properties of the CUDA rule in a .vsprops file.
For some reason, the CUDA rule branch of the properties tree does not show under any of my property sheets, only under the main configurations sheets.
I tried editing the .vsprops directly with a text editor and add the section by hand like this:

	Name="CUDA Build Rule"

but there is no change it still does’t show when in visual studio.
Is there a way to do this?
Is this a bug in visual studio or in the CUDA rule?
I’ve notices all other rules have names like “VCLinkerTool” which are one word and the CUDA rule has spaces. maybe that’s the problem?