cuda build you own 4xC1060 + 1xGTX285 on asus P6T6?


I am planning to build a system using 4x C1060 + 1x GTX285 for display. They will all be plugged onto an Asus P6T6 motherboard, using PCIe riser (there will also be a RAID controller, so the motherboard’s 6 PCIe slots will all be populated).
… and it will run XP64.

I was just wondering if anybody had any experience about such a system? (I am already aware of the Fastra configuration, and the NVIDIA “build your own” recommendations)

I recently became kind of concerned by asus advertising support for “up to 4x CUDA cards”, one of them required to be a quadro, for their more recent P6T7 motherboard.

Can anyone reassure me and confirm it actually works on a P6T6? … or did I miss any obvious reason why it should not?

Thank you.

Probably won’t work because of BIOS reasons. Might not work because of driver reasons. Will be basically unusable for real work due to horrendously low PCIe performance, but I don’t know how sensitive F@H and related apps are to PCIe bandwidth.

Nope, the P6T6 motherboard won’t work for you at all… you’ll be able to physically fit only 3 double-wide cards in.
Look at the picture:
You see it has the slot count, but not the slot spacing you want.

It’s hard to find a board with spacing for 4 double wide cards, and impossible for 5.

Edit: ignore the above, I missed the fact that you want to use a PCIe riser.
Good luck, that will be an adventure just for the hardware. :-)

Ooops … that is not reassuring :( … thank you for the feedback, though.

I am not too worried about the PCIe bandwidth, as my app was already scaling well using a S1070 (which uses two PCIe expansion kit at gen2(x8) speed to connect 4x1060 … if I am not (too much?) mistaken (??)) …
I was expecting the same gen2(x8) speed on each Tesla (according to the P6T6 manual) … that is if they all are recognized by the BIOS/driver.

I guess I’ll discover soon (parts are already ordered).

With six cards, you’ll probably get x4 for everything.


Could you please elaborate on this a bit? I’ll soon get results for a 3x295 and 4x295 system, but do you

think that for six cards (with any avail system), you’ll only see x4 for the whole system? why?



The X58 chipset only has a total of 36 PCIe lanes. 6x4 sounds logical to me.