Cuda_by_example examples renders a black or garbage screen.

I’m starting CUDA programming with “Cuda_by_example” book.
I can compile an run all the examples from the source code of the book but when I try to launch them, I get a windows with a black background.
The first example I tested was “” and it didn’w work (black screen or with garbage), then I tried to execute the exe file generated onto another computer with a newer card and updated drivers and it rendered correctly the julia set in red color, so I thought I would be a driver issue in my development computer. Thus, I upgraded video driver to latest and finally get julia example working. But… I can’t get working all the other examples that use glut, like
Even they don’t work in any cuda computer that I tried.
I’m using latest drivers (314) and the glut binaries that came with the book, using cuda 5 sdk. (even though I tried to compile them with 4.2 sdk and nothing happened)
Windows 7 + gtx 460 in the development computer.
I’m thinking about an incompatibility of glut and cuda or drivers.
Has anybody this problem?
It is frustrating to get a book for learing CUDA and not be able to get the examples work.
Thanks in advance.


for me also it is frustrating to learn cuda and execution of sample programs.