CUDA by example glut32.lib problem.


I know there is a lot of topics like this on this forum ( and, of course, I tried to search in google ), but nothing has helped me. I use Windows 8.1 64-bit, Visual Studio 2015 Community, CUDA 8.0 , GTX 550 Ti.
I cannot compile examples from the book that use cpu_bitmap.h. I have glut32.lib and glut64.lib files, but I dont know how to use them properly. I tried to put them everywhere: Microsoft SDKs folder, CUDA libraries folder, Project folder ( in all project folders ) and #include <glut32.lib> or #include <glut64.lib> or including cpu_bitmap.h doesnt work. Also I found glut32.dll , put it everywhere, but problem is still here.
What I have to do with these files ?

Thank You !

P.S.: Sorry for my bad English.

I figured out with this problem. But now Im getting a lot of errors while trying to compile julia.gpu, Its problem in book.h. For julia.cpu I used stdio.h and cuda_runtime.h libraries and it worked ok. But I cannot use this approach for julia.gpu because a lot of error appears:

a global function(“julia”) must have a void return type (why ?)
calling a global function(“julia”) from a global function(“kernel”) is only allowed on the compute_35 architecture or above
a global function call must be configured

When I try to include book.h 40 errors appear like
rand not identified
malloc not identified ( why ? It is standard function)
and all “cuda words”

Thank You !